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Welcome to ClarionEsc – software that opens the world of Clarion development to .NET

Clarion is a Rapid Application Development platform and IDE for creation of data driven applications. .NET is a framework developed by Microsoft. We bring those two world together by offering a set of programs, platforms and APIs. Using the software we provide you can easily call .NET functionalities out of Clarion software. You can use Clarion data Dictionary as a source of information about the database in Microsoft Entity Framework (.NET Object Relation mapper from). You can even use completely rewritten Clarion evaluate inside your .NET programs. As a first from the family we offer DCTX2EDMX!

Clarion Data Dictionary to Entity Framework Converter – DCTX2EDMX

You have ready Clarion application based on a data model stored in Data Dictionary. You want to access the data from Microsoft .NET (C#, VB.NET). The easiest way is to take the Data Dictionary XML based DCTX file and convert it into an entity Framework EDMX file. This software makes it easy. It generates the EDMX files suitable for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. It lets you manipulate the names of the entities. The EDMX produced can be used right away in Windows Forms, WPF or any other .NET based application.

DEMO version: try now! Bulk price: request a quote.

New components are coming soon:

  • Clarion Template and .NET library for easy calling both .NET Framework and your C# or VB.NET written methods!
  • Window library – for opening .NET Windows (WPF and WinForms) in Clarion programs.
  • Purely .NET Clarion evaluate (with an Open Source part!).

So stay tuned or add request a notification!