To make the better software

we listen

we speak

we decide

we advice



Our area of expertise lies “net development”.

We are Experts in Microsoft .NET Framework Development:

  • Web applications: ASP.NET – ASP.NET MVC,
  • Web services: WebServices – WCF – SOAP – REST – Remoting,
  • Web frameworks: Angular, jQuery,
  • Windows applications: Windows Forms, WPF,
  • Server Management: IIS and SQL Server,
  • Database systems: SQL Server, Oracle, Entity Framework.

We have Extensive Experience in mobile:

  • Client: native, HTML5,
  • Native development: iOS (ObjectiveC), Android (Java), Windows Phone (C#),
  • HTML5 development: JavaScript/TypeScript, PhoneGap/Cordova, jQueryMobile, Knockout,
  • Server: JSON, RESTful.

Industrial Software:

  • Legacy Software together with Microsoft .NET: interoperability between unmanaged C++ or Clarion and managed IL code.
  • Industrial implementations:
    • Real-time GPS, RFID visualization,
    • Software for BIM (Building information modeling),
    • high-level hardware management over IoT Cloud.

We innovate:

  • Innovation in software engineering:
    • Continuous Defect Prediction,
    • Continuous Test Driven Development (CTDD).
  • Mentoring in Continuous Integration and Delivery.

Our style:

We talk and listen to the customer. We speak our mind. We know and like Agile. We write a lot of documentation. We are good at requirements engineering. We prototype, mockup (wire frame) and experiment. We are taking care of the full application lifecycle management (ALM). We can also manage the whole software product.