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CF Insights part 4 – Command line

Console user interface, character user interface, command-line interface, CLI, shell or simply command-line. In Windows simply press WinKey, type cmd and press Enter. That black box is comman-line. Up until now you can communicate with the computer using text commands. At CODEFUSION we love command-line. It is the most basic art to communicate with the computer that is more and more popular among software developers. Using command-line we are able to communicate with our software tool-set faster and more effectively. Using command-line we are managing the whole projects. We are compiling, testing and running the software. We have access to the deepest layers of the system. This month we will spread our love for command-line at the Opole University of Technology during the Open Lectures we were invited to give. See you there!

Scaling the office

We are very happy to be able to grow CODEFUSION organically. The best graduates of our two Universities are joining us every year, because we do not have any competition in the Opole job marketplace. We are the company to choose if you are gifted and ambitious software developer. We are using this situation and we are growing. That’s why the place became sparse in our office. The time came where we needed to scale horizontally – we were able to obtain a new office space just across the wall and to join it with our office. The joined office space should be enough for a few years and we have a little bonus. We have a new entrance at the front of our historic building. This month we are ready with the renovations and you are welcome to visit us through the different, new, better way!

Silverlight – R.I.P.

October 2021 is the end of support for Microsoft Silverlight. IT is a pity because it was a good technology. We build KEWO, our waste management software for companies, in it. Now we are rewriting it in HTML5. One of our customers reminded us this month about this sad date asking about a rewrite of one of its assets. For us it is yet another fascinating adventure Angular or React or Backbone or Knockout.js, CoffeeScript or JavaScript or JavaScript (ES6), Bootstrap or Skeleton, Less or Sass, jQuery UI or Kendo UI, npm or Bower, Cucumber.js or Jasmine. For our customers, it is additional cost we hope to avoid in the future with HTML5.

Physical web

Our product at CODEFUSION is code. Our material are bits. Despite that we are constantly making the inroads into the physical – atom based – material for our projects. We’ve read the RFID and GPS date in the past, we’ve build tactile machinery and used 3D printing to prototype it. Now we had some leftovers from previous experiments – some beacons (created not far away from us in Kraków, Poland by Estimote). A beacon is a device that transmits a signal that can be received for example by a smartphone. Beacons are slowly flooding the museums and art galleries (you approach the piece of art and your smartphone is providing additional data about it) and airports (beacons are used for indoor navigation). We’ve repurposed a few of our beacons to be compatible with physical web. Physical web makes web-like communication between devices possible. We are greeting our guests using a beacon transmitting a webpage with information about CODEFUSION. We are using Eddystone protocol to provide Eddystone-URL package. Visit us and put your smartphone into the range of our beacon.

A happy little thing

It’s holiday time again! We have 32 degrees Celsius (it is almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit), part of the crew went into the great wide open and we are enjoying the little things. We’ve inaugurated the use of air conditioning in our office. Despite the really thick walls in the historic tenement house where our office is situated we have started to sense the global warming effects. Now we will add a bit to it. But in exchange we will develop and implement the plan to lower CODEFUSIONs carbon footprint. Nevertheless, we are greeting all the brothers in keyboard that are sticking to the desks because of sweat dropping from their forearms. Come join us – we have it cool!