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Microsoft R Server

Machine learning, data mining, big data, deep learning – those are only the four buzzwords making the headlines in software engineering these days. It is the world of big data. It seems that we have more data than we can handle. What can we do about it?

One of the rules of CODEFUSION is to be on the very edge of the technology. It is the same this time. We have very ambitious project involving machine learning going. Slowly we are becoming specialists in R programming. R is popular computer language and environment for statistical computation. Since we are working on enterprise level solution we quickly realized we need a server R solution. We are very glad that Microsoft is here ached of the pack. We first tried their cloud machine learning implementation (AzureML) and now we are turning towards on premise Microsoft R Server (MSR). If the name does not ring the bell not worry, it is a relive young member of Microsoft Server family. The more surprising the current version of MSR… 9.0. As it turns out the Microsoft R Server is nothing else than rebranded (and rewritten in Microsoft .NET Core) Revolution R Enterprise (with deploy) after acquiring their creator Revolution Analytics by Microsoft in January 2015. This fits into Microsoft strategy investing heavily into R language. We have Microsoft R Open (based on the open source R version and compatible with CRAN distributed version 3.3.2) Microsoft added the libraries for their SQL Server and renamed deploy to operationalization. Under this mouthful name hides a technology to turn every R script into a web service. Those web services are then available over REST API and can be consumed using Swagger for example in any C# .NET application. We are very glad to have all those features for our project. We will report on the news in this project here. So, stay tuned!

Merry Christmas

spSection – our part of spColumn

Almost a year passed since spColumn v5.00 was released. Now we are happy to inform that a new version of this civil engineering software we’ve co-developed is out. It is spColumn 5.5.

In this version, we’ve completely rewritten the module named spSection. It is a module that lets the engineer model the irregular shape columns. We’ve developed tooling for modelling columns and reinforcement. Tools include features like creating rectangles, circles, polygons, joining shapes or modyfing nodes. Also there are transformation features like rotation, translation and reflection. We’ve added tooling for entering coordinates from keyboard, validating the model and importing/exporting the model from/to dxf (a de facto standard among civil engineers).

spColumn v5.50 can be tested for free in a Trail version. This version is downloadable from the Structurepoint website. Give it a try!

SAP Crystal Reports API

About the fact that many companies are still using the aged software we wrote in this article. We mentioned also that our solutions of combining the “new” software with the “old” are used by several companies and we have a lot of experience in this area. We’ve built the interoperability layer and we are using it successfully in many of our ongoing projects. Using the .NET technology we expand the possibilities of software that was written in languages such as Clarion or C++.

We’ve recently released our application that allows the old infrastructures to communicate with the newest version of SAP Crystal Reports app. After moving into .NET platform, the producer of the application didn’t provide the API for clients that own older systems. We had to take up this challenge. And now our clients that have the applications unsupported already by SAP, still can use the Crystal Reports app.

Library made by our developers allows viewing, printing and saving reports to PDF file. By providing the relevant parameters one can control the print settings or supported data types. It is also possible to configure database connection parameters, where the reports will be stored.

We strongly encourage you to acquire the software here.

.NET Core here we come!

.NET Core is a new .NET Foundation cutting edge technology from Microsoft. The main advantages of this technology are: modular construction and multi-targeting (Windows, Linux, MacOs). .NET Core received bot enthusiastic and critical feedback. Some like the new NuGet package based implementation conception. Some (mainly the traditional ASP.NET developers) were criticizing the need to learn something new. And there is a lot to learn. .NET Core contains a subset from his older brother and additional a lot of new features mainly in Web area. For the very beginning with version 1.0 we have a ready toolset to create MVC Web Applications. You cannot create fat client applications with it (using for example WPF) but it is not the case in Web. We’ve jumped in and refreshed the website of our production ExCalc – leasing calculator using .NET Core. We’ve added responsive graphical template and we are hosting the new site on IIS.

Take a look!