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ExCalc – new advertising campaign

Bit and atoms

Most of the projects we are involved in are strict software projects. We had a history of playing with hardware like in RoboTouch but it is, well, history. Nevertheless, we were always fascinated by atoms. We are good in translation that what’s physical into that what’s software. In our fusion reactor we are eager to change that what the atoms are saying into source code. Our software for visualization of a steel mill is still working and translating the GPS and RFID signals to a software map of the mill. Not long ago we’ve started a now projects where we help the hardware experts translate their ideas into software. We are developing a web part of a IoT project for an industrial automation manufacturer.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

IT in banking

We will take part in the conference „IT in banking“. It is a part of one of the biggest polish conference series GigaCon. It is a meeting point for several professional interested in all things IT in banks and financial institutions. We will present our ExCalc – Leasing Calculator during this event. We will show how to open a new sales channel using our mobile application. We will show how to reach the end customer during his visit at the car dealers or even before, while he is at home, on his couch and browses through the auto magazines’ advertisement. Using ExCalc a bank or other financial institution can reach the customer maintaining the full control over the margins, provisions and prices. And it is only a part of ExCalc features. Please join us in Warsaw at May 17th 2018!

CF Insights part 4 – project management software

The core of the CODEFUSION team made up his mind about the project management software way back when. The founders and current managers were using one to manage their engineering work at the University. As a side drop from that activity there was an article in issue 5 from 2004 of Software 2.0 magazine called “phpCollab + Matins = effective project management”. This glorious tradition is maintained at CODEFUSION. We use this kind of software on the day-to-day basis. We connect it with version control (for example Git) and a wiki-based systems. We have experience with various products like that with the notable example of Jira and Visual Studio Services (formerly known as Visual Studio Online). We strongly value the Jira integration with Bitbucket and Confluence. We are very happy that Microsoft works on the cloud version of its Visual Studio Online because the experience with TFS, managed by the customer, was not the best one. But, yes, we work also without a ticket but we do it rarely. As they say in Germany: Ordnung muss sein!