Our CEO runs his blog at The name comes from the interface naming convention that is sometimes used in programming languages. Also, IProgrammable means it is an interface of something that is programmable and can be programmed. We suppose it is the highest level of witticism our CEO is...

Happy Easter!


Apprentice program, internship, work

49 candidates for the Summer Apprentices Program, 9 candidates for internships, 9 job applications. These are measurable (in form of paper) results of this year's Job Fair at the Opole University of Technology. We've got all this and additionally endless number of chats at our booth. And the emails from...

If "dev" in Opole then only at CODEFUSION! To make it even more clear we have set up a website. At the time of writing this words still with HTTP response status code 307 to the job website redirected. We have a lot of ideas in regards to...

Constantly new desks

We’ve started 2019 with the highest count of desks at CODEFUSIONS. We have them in teens now. And we have people sitting next to them also. CODEFUSION was never so big as today. The situation seems to be constant. We are constantly growing. The apprentices are staying for good. New...

Coding Christmass!

^ ^^^ Wesołych Świąt życzy CODEFUSION! ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ Merry Christmas from CODEFUSION! ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ Fröhliche Weihnachten von CODEFUSION! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^ document.write("<pre>"); var x = 7; for (let i = 0; i < x; i++) { for (let j=x-1; j>i; j--) { document.write("&nbsp;"); } for (let k=0; k<=(i*2); k++) {...

Go live and forget?

In CODEFUSION we create software. Mainly. Development is the most important part of application lifecycle management (ALM) that we take care of. But not the one. We also accompany our software during its operation. Sine years we take care of our software in production. We look after the software after...

Practice at CODEFUSION

The fist CODEFUSIONs own professional praxis program is starting. Up until now we have organized various praxis together with Opole University of Technology. Now we are starting with our own program. We are looking for students on their last year of study to join us and learn to be a...

Clarion Date and Time Converter

In case you ever wondered what are the interns doing at CODEFUSION? Coffee? Yes, but only for themselves, if they want. They are always doing something practical. Something we need. This time one of our interns has solved a real pain point of ours. He made it possible to change...

Testers certification

Our small but dynamic testing team has had an yet another success lately. We have our fist certified tester in our team. What is very important for us that the initiative came from the bottom. No one was asked or sent for the exam. The ISTQB certificate is a proof...
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