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CF Insights part 4 – project management software

The core of the CODEFUSION team made up his mind about the project management software way back when. The founders and current managers were using one to manage their engineering work at the University. As a side drop from that activity there was an article in issue 5 from 2004 of Software 2.0 magazine called “phpCollab + Matins = effective project management”. This glorious tradition is maintained at CODEFUSION. We use this kind of software on the day-to-day basis. We connect it with version control (for example Git) and a wiki-based systems. We have experience with various products like that with the notable example of Jira and Visual Studio Services (formerly known as Visual Studio Online). We strongly value the Jira integration with Bitbucket and Confluence. We are very happy that Microsoft works on the cloud version of its Visual Studio Online because the experience with TFS, managed by the customer, was not the best one. But, yes, we work also without a ticket but we do it rarely. As they say in Germany: Ordnung muss sein!

Good end of a good year

We are finishing 2017 with a great release. STRUCTUREPOINT hast just released the new version of its software for concrete calculation. We are co-creating this software together with our USA based partner.


spColumn v6.00 which was released was extended with a module for creating and presenting the calculation results. The user can now export the results of his work into 5 different formats, including .pdf, .docx and.xlsx.

We have made the printing process completely configurable and there is a possibility to decide what will be included in the report.

You can test the spColumn v6.00 for free in a Trial version.

Merry Christmas

It is the time, once again

It is the time again to put the fruits of our work into the customer hands. It happens regularly, but the way it happens differs. It depends from the software are and customer. It is different when we are releasing another version of “of the shelf” software (for individual sell) and completely different if it is a software for a bank. This month we were personally attending a release in Zürich, Switzerland. The weekend (it is the only time when a swiss bank can go offline for a while) went very smoothly. The following week also. Once again, a piece of our hard work was put into the hands of the customer. It is quite an effort to personally attend to such a GoLive event. But nevertheless, we are very happy to be able to work in such interesting international environment. Best regards, form the Zürich airport!

CF Insights part 4 – Command line

Console user interface, character user interface, command-line interface, CLI, shell or simply command-line. In Windows simply press WinKey, type cmd and press Enter. That black box is comman-line. Up until now you can communicate with the computer using text commands. At CODEFUSION we love command-line. It is the most basic art to communicate with the computer that is more and more popular among software developers. Using command-line we are able to communicate with our software tool-set faster and more effectively. Using command-line we are managing the whole projects. We are compiling, testing and running the software. We have access to the deepest layers of the system. This month we will spread our love for command-line at the Opole University of Technology during the Open Lectures we were invited to give. See you there!