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Summer Internship Program

Iconsmade by Freepik CC 3.0 BYOnce again, we completely filled the list for our summer apprenticeship. One again the there were a lot of candidates. But we’ve managed to find very interesting people. This year we have asked all the candidates the same question. “Why CODEFUSION?” What we’ve heard was very pleasing. As it turns out all the candidates have chosen CODEFUSION with premeditation. Some heard good thing about us from the older students. Some find out what we do and how we do it and said they want to do the same. We are very pleased that CODEFUSION is a known brand among students in Opole. We intend to keep it that way. We know how hard it is to get a good team member for a software development company. It is our people that create the brand CODEFUSION.

ExCalc – new advertising campaign

Bit and atoms

Most of the projects we are involved in are strict software projects. We had a history of playing with hardware like in RoboTouch but it is, well, history. Nevertheless, we were always fascinated by atoms. We are good in translation that what’s physical into that what’s software. In our fusion reactor we are eager to change that what the atoms are saying into source code. Our software for visualization of a steel mill is still working and translating the GPS and RFID signals to a software map of the mill. Not long ago we’ve started a now projects where we help the hardware experts translate their ideas into software. We are developing a web part of a IoT project for an industrial automation manufacturer.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!