First aid

This month we invited the Polish Red Cross to join us for a series of first aid training sessions. We have never yet had a situation where such skills have proved useful. We hope, of course, that we will never have to give first aid, but we are not sure... #3

We would like to invite you to the third meeting of Opole IT community It will take place on 24.10.2023 in the Opole Silesia Museum on the Small Market Square in Opole. As a co-organiser and sponsor of the event, we invite you to interesting lectures related to software... #3

Opole among the best cities to live in Poland

In the latest ranking of the best cities to live in Poland created by Business Insider, Opole came out ahead of such giants as Warsaw and Krakow. Only Poznań and Katowice turned out to be better in the whole of Poland. The ranking took into account aspects that affect CODEFUSION...

There are more than 30 of us now

Equally two years ago, we reported that we had broken through the CODEFUSION of 20 people at the morning scrum. As it happens, in July 2023 we broke through another threshold. Together with the apprentices, there are now 30+ of us, or to be precise, counting the entire staff, 32....

A summer break

The summer is set to be an extremely busy time at CODEFUSION, full of both well-deserved holidays and the beginning of the student internship programme. This warm period of the year is the perfect time for our employees to rest, relax and recharge their batteries. After an intense working period,...

AI revolution?

We have been playing with artificial intelligence for a long time. Several years ago, in one of our R&D projects, we were creating predictive models to anticipate issues with continuous integration server. The development of artificial intelligence, particularly in the context of our work, is even more fascinating to us.... #2

28.04.2023 #2, the second meeting of the Opole IT industry we are organizing, is fast approaching. We already have the date, venue and, most importantly, the speakers. We are meeting on 23 May at 18:00 in the tent of the Voivodeship Public Library at 19a Piastowska Street. This time, the... #2

Sweat, Code and Tears

At the 14th Academic Job Fair of the Opole University of Technology, we inaugurated the next edition of our Summer Internship Programme. This time under the motto "Sweat, Code and Tears" 😉 This is a joke, of course. Apprentices from previous years can attest. However, this slogan made waves at...

Job Fair

This year, our favourite job fair format is back - on 29.03.2023, we will meet you in person at the 14th Academic Job Fair at Opole University of Technology. After several years of virtual meetings, we will finally see each other face-to-face! We are inviting students once again to our...
XIV Akademickie Targi Pracy

If all goes according to plan, in February 2023 we will launch - a quarterly meeting of our local Opole, Poland community related to IT in general and software development in particular. We invite every IT enthusiast, but especially experienced and aspiring developers, testers, graphic designers, UI/UX specialists, administrators,...
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