CODEFUSION is now 10 years old!

In February 2020 CODEFUSION turned 10! This anniversary is not as important to us as those resulting from the power of two: second (2^1), fourth (2^2) and eighth (2^3). But we are aware that for ordinary non-computer person ten to the first power (10^1) has a magical meaning, so we...

Event sourcing and CQRS

In our recent research and development (R&D) project we dive deep into event sourcing. We are building a set of independent applications that produces a stream of events that are stored in a specialized stream database (we are evaluating Event Store). The events will form a kind of a log...

Merry Christmas!


Static website generator

From the beginning of CODEFUSION, we are active in a broadly understood programming. In the early ears we hide behind this concept also creating of websites. Some time has passed since we’ve created our last simple website. Even the creation of our new company website we’ve put in the...

CF Insights Part 6 – Mockups revisited

In the series of articles under the title “CF Insights” we describe our software engineering workbox. In the first part of the series from May 2014 we’ve written about “Wireframing”. It is a technique where we create a mockup of an application before we start to actually code it. A...


Besides our main activity as a custom software development company we also create and market our own software products. One of such products is KEWO. It is a system for waste management at the company that produces, recycles or transports the wastes. It is a legal duty of such company...

Industry 4.0

The concept that right now we are experiencing yet-another industry revolution was developed in the beginning of this decade in Germany. It tells the story that after steam revolution, electricity revolution and computer revolution we are experiencing the revolution of production digitalization with the help of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet...

Our office has become more beautiful

Felix Dennis in his hilarious book "How to get rich"” writes we should not invest in the office. IT means that, in our branch terms, we need simplest possible chair, table and “some” computer. With all due respect to Felix and his millions, we tend to differ! We take care...

Software developer carbon footprint

Part our team was taking part in the Quality Excites conference last Saturday in Gliwice, Poland. They came and told the rest of the group that we need to be more careful how we program because we, as software developers, are more and more responsible for the air pollution. Wait...

Docker revolution

CODEFUSION is a part of Docker revolution. Containers are a first-class citizen in our software engineering toolbox. Not so long ago we have written about or love towards the virtualization. Nothing has changed in that regards. In our server room there is not a single "host" that is not managing...
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