CODEFUSION is now 10 years old!


In February 2020 CODEFUSION turned 10! This anniversary is not as important to us as those resulting from the power of two: second (2^1), fourth (2^2) and eighth (2^3). But we are aware that for ordinary non-computer person ten to the first power (10^1) has a magical meaning, so we celebrate it also!

So, in order to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we achieved average employment of 2 ^ 4 (including women employment at 2^0). We still occupy an office space of around 2^7 m2. We drink clean water (we gave up plastic bottles and got an ecological water distributor) for about 2^11 PLN a year. Due to the fact that the 10 is binary 1010 we hope that this year will be twice (2^1) as happy to us as an usual year!

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