There are more than 30 of us now


Equally two years ago, we reported that we had broken through the CODEFUSION of 20 people at the morning scrum. As it happens, in July 2023 we broke through another threshold. Together with the apprentices, there are now 30+ of us, or to be precise, counting the entire staff, 32. There is no denying that, like the entire IT industry during the pandemic, we have grown disproportionately to our earlier growth. Previously, we grew by 1 or 2 people a year for years. Now it is more like 4+ people. Despite the doomsday news thundering everywhere for the IT industry, we have what it takes. “Old” clients are not giving up their services but are interested in intensifying their cooperation, and “new” clients are absorbing more and more of our attention. We look forward to continued growth and welcome new members to our team!

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