Halo waste

"Halo waste" is a mobile app that our apprentices are working on. The idea for a simple app to remind people of waste collection dates came from a member of our team and stemmed from frustration with existing solutions of this type. For research purposes, we used .NET MAUI for...

Let’s meet in person

At last, the time for personal meetings has returned. After almost two years break due to the pandemic, we can meet you in person again. Some of the meetings (like the one of the Informatics Teaching Council at the Opole University of Technology, in which we participate) are still held...

IT consultant

To date, we hired mainly programmers and testers. We have a few UI/UX specialists and project managers. More recently, we have had our first IT consultants working for us. This is a specific type of IT specialist who deals with the customising of the software we write. It just so...

Internships in full swing

Participants in our 2022 Summer Internship Programme are working in full swing, but we can already see the first results of their projects. As part of the internship, we are currently bringing our team members' ideas to life: a mobile app in MAUI and a website in Vue.js. And it...

Microsoft Teams

Even though from the very beginning CODEFUSION was microsoft-centric (we used technologies like .NET Framework, Azure and Visual Studio) we have been using Google Workspace as our main groupware tool so far. We had some serious discussions about switching. However, they never got beyond the realm of long-term plans and...

Wy work hybrid

Almost exactly two years ago we wrote about Home Office. Back then, we worked completely remotely for few months. The pandemic is over, and we've been working hybrid for a while now. It looks like it will stay like this for a longer. The whole team is divided by projects....
Hybrid Work

A commercial

We shot a commercial for the Job Fair. Primarily for students - participants of the fair - but also with a view to future applications. The idea was simple: following the best in the industry (CodeTwo) we wanted to encourage to work in CODEFUSION in a humorous and light way....
Klip reklamowy

Academic Job Fair

This year on 23rd and 24th March Academic Job Fair will be held again at Opole University of Technology. We became an honorary partner of this event. Fair will be held again only (unfortunately) online. However the organizer took care for many opportunities for virtual meetings. You will see us...
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