CF Insights part 3 – Hardware


We have acquired a new server lately. A large one. Multi-CPU, multicore, with a lot of-RAM, SSD and lightning fast HDD. It was not cheap. It stays secured in our small server room. What we need it for in the age of SaaS? We should know better because we have in our offer SaaS solutions. Yes, we know better. We know that not everything can be SaaSed. Some services we don’t want to have in the cloud. We want to have them here. We gained our expert knowledge by personally engaging in the IT side of things. Because of that we are able to conduct the Software Product Life Cycle for each and every part of our software. Beginning with silicon and ending at the bits’ level. We have nothing against delegating the more boring IT tasks away, as long as we are able to solve them ourselves – in case of a problem with external provider.

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