ExCalc – Leasing Calculator


Our newest mobile application “ExCalc – Leasing calculator” is out there. It’s already downloadable for Android from Google Play Store. The iPhone version awaits review at Apple App Store. The Firefox OS version at Firefox Marketplace will be available soon. Windows Phone version needs to be polished but we are planning to release it there also.
What is ExCalc? It is a B2C application that a financial institution or leasing company can license from us to provide to its customers as its own. Through ExCalc it is possible to build a modern communication channel with current and potential customers. It lets the customer create calculations of chosen cars (using the car configuration interface or handpicked leasing return cars). ExCalc can be connected to the company central contract management system (to view running contracts or see customer profile). ExCalc is written entirely in HTML5 and can work offline using its own database or it can be configured to use a backend system (provided by ExCalc a leasing company) over Web Services.

Update: ExCalc – Leasing Calculator for iPhone is avaliable on App Store too!

Update: ExCalc – Leasing Calculator is avaliable on Firefox Marketplace too!

ExCalc on Firefox Marketplace

Update: ExCalc – Leasing Calculator on Windows Phone Store.

ExCalc Leasing Calculator Windows Phone Store
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