International Festival of Robots 2015


We are the gold sponsor of the second Opole Festival of Robots. It is starting tomorrow at the Opole University of Technology. It is an international fair of robots enthusiasts. They are coming to Opole with their robots that compete in various disciplines like sumo or line follower. Our sponsoring in this case is very special, because we are not simply giving them our money. We are building the software that is used during the registration process and during the competition. We are doing this together with the students from the Technical University of Opole. We are also preparing and providing the hardware infrastructure to host the software. This form of patronage is very multilateral. Computer science students are learning their future job from our experienced programmers and we get to learn our future employees – the students. We are creating software that is used in a non-profit project and we get some publicity. Join us at the Opole Festival of Robots!

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