Open-Source Hardware at CODEFUSION


We are currently working on a big project involving GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Besides interpreting GPS signals, in this project we are using RFID chips and readers. Both technologies (GPS and RFID) are settling well in our day-to-day life. We tend to know about GPS (because of the satellite navigation system build in our cars and smartphones), but we don’t know so much about RFID. Some of you might know this technology from the anti-theft systems used in shops (you know the funny beeping devices at the exits that tend to turn on for no reason when you pass by). We will be sharpening our knowledge base about RFID using the Netduino electronics platform and the RDM630 RFID reader. Netduino is a single PCB that uses a microcontroller with a Microsoft .NET Micro Framework on board. It is a technology from the open-source hardware movement that we support and admire at CODEFUSION.

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