People – our most valuable asset


Five years ago we paraphrased a popular buzzword “Think global, act local” and said that we “Think Global, We Act… Global”. The last 5 years proofed us right. Out new USA customers can confirm that. But we are not forgetting about to act locally.

People are the most valuable CODEFUSION asset. We are recruiting our employees in 100% from the local academic market. Every year we are able to attract the best graduates from Opole University of Technology or (less frequently) from Opole University. How w do this? We are lucky to operate from reasonably small city but with two academic institutions “producing” 200 graduates a year. Those not willing to be sucked by big corporate players into surrounding big cities like Wroclaw or Katowice come to us. How do they know about us? We are a regular guest at various events organized at the Opole University of Technology. We are always at the IT Academic Day or Job Fairs. We were active sponsor of the Opole Robots Fair up until this year, where they decided to move outside the academia (and cut us off from our target – students). Tomorrow we give an open lecture at Opole University of Technology. We will be talking about our toolbox. This time it will be about source control systems. Join us!

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