Physical web


Our product at CODEFUSION is code. Our material are bits. Despite that we are constantly making the inroads into the physical – atom based – material for our projects. We’ve read the RFID and GPS date in the past, we’ve build tactile machinery and used 3D printing to prototype it. Now we had some leftovers from previous experiments – some beacons (created not far away from us in Kraków, Poland by Estimote). A beacon is a device that transmits a signal that can be received for example by a smartphone. Beacons are slowly flooding the museums and art galleries (you approach the piece of art and your smartphone is providing additional data about it) and airports (beacons are used for indoor navigation). We’ve repurposed a few of our beacons to be compatible with physical web. Physical web makes web-like communication between devices possible. We are greeting our guests using a beacon transmitting a webpage with information about CODEFUSION. We are using Eddystone protocol to provide Eddystone-URL package. Visit us and put your smartphone into the range of our beacon.

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