Static website generator


From the beginning of CODEFUSION, we are active in a broadly understood programming. In the early ears we hide behind this concept also creating of websites. Some time has passed since we’ve created our last simple website. Even the creation of our new company website we’ve put in the hands of 3rd party specialists. But from time to time we have to engage in this kind of activity also. It is relatively easy for us because we are constantly creating rich web systems (be it of the cloud or for banking). One of our clients asked us to create a landing page of a web system we are developing. We’ve decided to use a static website generator to do it.

We had good experience with Hugo, but we’ve decided to refresh our know-how and see what changed in the market of static websites generators. It looks like this approach is still widely used and valued. New environments are sill created. Some of those environments or techniques they use speak better to the developers than others. One of such environments that is likedn by the developers is GatsbyJS. We decided to use it to create product website for the could based IoT system we are creating.

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