Microsoft Teams


Even though from the very beginning CODEFUSION was microsoft-centric (we used technologies like .NET Framework, Azure and Visual Studio) we have been using Google Workspace as our main groupware tool so far. We had some serious discussions about switching. However, they never got beyond the realm of long-term plans and strategies. The main reason was Google’s unbeatable offering from a financial perspective. As the earliest user, we inherited the free Google Workspace after G Suite ( Google Apps). The decision to stay with Google or migrate was made easier by our customers. In fact, without exception, they use Microsoft technology on a daily basis. In the industries where we operate Office 365 and Teams reign supreme. And where GMail (embedded in Google Workspace) beats Outlook, but Teams beats Google Meet we followed the crowd and switched completely to the Microsoft side. As a result, our licensing fees, which are not small, will flow to Redmond. We hope that the level of service will be adequate to these fees. See you on Teams!

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