About the employee


We are active in a market where a good employee is worth a million. We are quite lucky in that regard to be in a city where two higher education institutions (Opole University and Opole University of Technology) are “producing” our future brilliant employees. We are a small but global company. We have interesting project in cutting edge technologies. We don’t have a problem with recruitment but it might change. Why? Because of the long legged beautiful hostesses at the student job fairs that we attend. A new HR weapon of our bigger competitors that are coming to Opole from neighboring cities after draining those work markets dry. Those companies are feeding young potential employees with the tales about how cool is to work for them. Play billiard with us, eat dinner breakfast in the office, go to the New Year party dressed as a (…). And let us put the pictures from it on our website and the video on YouTube. What else? We can only imagine.
In CODEFUSION we don’t want to have it like this. We are pragmatic. We have interesting project. New technologies. Self-steering teams. A way to learn. We believe in good planning and not in overtime. We don’t do contract tricks with apparent self-employment. Organic growth and not HR tricks!
PS. It does not mean we don’t have fun. We do, but for another purpose then the competition!

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