Flirting with science


From time to time in every company there is a need for something really new. In our craft those ideas grow around software: tools that help developers work smarter, ways to optimize the software development process. Those ideas – true innovations – needs to be verified. Our CEO Marcin Kawalerowicz is doing scientific research in software engineering. Our team does not only provide him with experimental data but is very helpful when it comes to ideas and tools. One of those tools that are not available on the market is NActivitySensor. A Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in that gathers the developer operations in IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This tool uses Visual Studio API (Application Programming Interface) to gather activity data. Those “activity data” contains files operations, solution management, build, test data like for example the exact time of the specific operations occurrence. What this data is good for? Only the researcher imagination is here the limit. For example, our CEO is researching software testing.

NActivitySensor is open source and available on GitHub. As a ready to use plug-in it is available on Visual Studio Gallery.

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