Academic Job Fair


This year on 23rd and 24th March Academic Job Fair will be held again at Opole University of Technology. We became an honorary partner of this event. Fair will be held again only (unfortunately) online. However the organizer took care for many opportunities for virtual meetings. You will see us in the transmission from the studio where we will talk about how we create software from Opole for the whole world. During the webinar titled “Intermediate Language of Microsoft .NET platform – from C++ to C# via CLR and JIT” we will dive deep into the world of bytecode of the .NET just-in-time compiler. We will show what happens to the C# code before it is run. During the workshop we will look at the differences between CPU instructions and intermediate code instructions. We will use the disassembler to make changes in the bytecode and run the modified program. In addition, we invite you to a networking event during which we will answer any questions related to our company!

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