Agile Experimentation Manifesto


We are slowly becoming advocates of agile experimentation. It is a practice co-developed at CODEFUSION that aims mostly into small experiments in a business driven software engineering environment like ours. An environment where the developer is a scarce resource and the impact of the experimentation on the return-of-investment driven software project needs to be minimal. In a paper recently published at Springer (co-authored by our CEO) the Agile Experimentation Manifesto is introduced:

  1. Use small-n and single case experiments rather than large scale experiments to cut costs and enable experimentation.
  2. Care about the power of your experiments to reduce waste.
  3. Search for the best experiment design that fits your settings.
  4. Use friction free tools for data gathering to not interfere with the real-world development environment.
  5. Use just-in-time quantitative data rather than late, post project qualitative surveys to enable early informed decisions (on a basis of quantitative data instead of late anecdotal information).

The Manifesto will be presented in September at the XVIII KKIO Software Engineering Conference in Worcław, Poland.

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