.NET Core here we come!


.NET Core is a new .NET Foundation cutting edge technology from Microsoft. The main advantages of this technology are: modular construction and multi-targeting (Windows, Linux, MacOs). .NET Core received bot enthusiastic and critical feedback. Some like the new NuGet package based implementation conception. Some (mainly the traditional ASP.NET developers) were criticizing the need to learn something new. And there is a lot to learn. .NET Core contains a subset from his older brother and additional a lot of new features mainly in Web area. For the very beginning with version 1.0 we have a ready toolset to create MVC Web Applications. You cannot create fat client applications with it (using for example WPF) but it is not the case in Web. We’ve jumped in and refreshed the website of our production ExCalc – leasing calculator using .NET Core. We’ve added responsive graphical template and we are hosting the new site on IIS.

Take a look!

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