Certificate of Basic BPMN Competence


BPMN is gaining importance in the industry nowadays. Not long ago we’ve went live with the new version of our .NET based BPMN engine at a bank. This bank is a customer of our partner from Germany. Now our BPMN engine is directing the sales process at one of the banks in Switzerland. Feedback was positive. We’ve got praise for the robustness of the system and the fact that it is relatively elastic when compared with its complexity. Although we will have some work in creating a modelling software for the domain experts to use. Our BPMN Modeller will be a central part of this effort.

We are constantly improving our knowledge about the BPMN. Since this month we can prove it using a national “Certificate of Basic BPMN Competence” issued by the System Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). Our certificate number is 0070/2017. Details on the Institute web page.

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