ExCalc – Floor check


Together with our partner from Germany we are working on a new module for our ExCalc – Leasing Calculator. It will be “floor check” module. A floor check is a special case of stocktaking performed by a leasing company at a lessee. In this case it is performed in order to check the leasing company property at the lessee. Are the leased machines there where they supposed to be, are the cars not damaged, are the leased building used in a proper way, and so on. This kind of a floor check can be performed manually: with paper, pencil, camera and a report written after return to the office. It can be done automatically using a smart phone, synchronizing the object to be checked over the internet, adding photos form the smartphone onboard camera and creating the report automatically on the server. Just like it is done in our software. What are we adding extra? Preliminary report forgery verification: are the GPS coordinates right, is the camera directed as it supposed to be while photographing, and so on. All this and more in our new ExCalc – Floor check!

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