With a little delay because our participation in the Clarion International Developers Conference we rush to inform about our new product that was released on that event. It is a tool that converts the Clarion database structure description – data dictionary to format understandable on the .NET side in the Entity Framework. This tool that we developed together with our German partner and will be very helpful for Clarion programmers that want to dive into the world of .NET. Using this tool Clarion developer can ensure that the sole source of the information about the database structure resides in the data dictionary. Clarion DCTX file gets converted to .NET EDMX file (that’s why DCTX2EDMX as a short name of the product). This converter is the first from the line of products called (wickedly) ClarionEsc. The rest of the line will be a Clarion/.NET library that will enable easy using of WPF/WindowsForms windows in Clarion programs. Another one will be a full .NET/C# rewrite of Clarion Evaluate. To get details have a look at the ClarionEsc website!

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