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We make code fusion possible. Just like in nuclear fusion where small nuclei are joined to form a bigger nucleus, we join pieces of code into software.

At CODEFUSION we create high quality software for the net from simple mobile applications to sophisticated, media rich content management systems (CMS) and HTML5 applications. We specialize in .NET (ASP.NET MVC, WCF) and web development. We always go beyond ordinary HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We work with Silverlight and HTML5 to produce an exceptional web experience. We are experienced in the SOA world: web services and WCF are our areas of expertise. We create windows applications for your desktop and mobile devices, too.

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CODEFUSION was created by two experienced programmers and designers, Marcin Kawalerowicz and Jacek Jarczak. Today CODEFUSION is a strong group of developers, testers, designers and IT specialists.


Jacek Jarczak Marcin KawalerowiczJacek Jarczak – programmer and designer or if you prefer, designer and programmer. Has extensive experience in end-to-end web site creation. Knows his way around Photoshop and Corel. Has written millions of lines of code.

Marcin Kawalerowicz – experienced programmer,writer and speaker with expertise in the software development cycle. Has extensive international experience.