ExCalc – Leasing Calculator 2.0


Today we’ve publisheda new ExCalc – Leasing Calculator version. It is our mobile leasing and finance calculator. The newest version is a breakthrough. We’ve added to the B2C (Business to Customer) a giant B2B (Business to Business) part. It means ExCalc is no longer only for the customers of a leasing or finance company but also for the agents and coworkers. It’s everything under one hood: give your customer the ability to configure his new dream car or offer him your after lease returns to buy, manage the calculation with your parameters, show the customer their running contracts, give him the possibility to contact you. Your ExCalc good points are: customizable look & feel for every dealer or contracting company, financially viable through low cost monthly payment, low time-to-market time with new products and actions, it works with your Back-Office software, it works in web browser or on every modern mobile operating system (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone). ExCalc is and does: independent from your IT infrastructure (Cloud version) or totally contrary fully integrated working on your servers (Enterprise version), increases brand awareness and perception within your dealers and contracting parties, enhances customer contact quality attachment to your company, improves the communication with your target partners through marketing actions and quick introduction of new products.

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