Continuous delivery revisited


More than two years ago we’ve mentioned here Continuous Delivery (CD). Back then it was a novelty. A bunch of software engineering professionals were extending Continuous Integration (CI) taking it into another level. Not only integrating but also trying to automate the software deployment and delivery. After successful build, test, analyze, and so on (CI part) the software was taken to the server, run in the test environment, deployed for QA or even (crazy as it was) delivered to the production server (CD part). Back then it was all scripting. Painful process of automating various delivery steps on the build machine, on the destination serve and all the way between. Now we are getting into the phase where CD becomes a standard. Various techniques are built around (build pipe, canary deployment, feature toggles). Tooling has reached a level where it is fun to automate. Glorious example from out .NET neck of the woods is called Octopus Deployment. We love it, we are using it and we are spreading the love. Next month at the .NET Developers Days conference in Wrocław, Poland. The session is called “Continuous Integration and deployment in .NET with Jenkins CI and Octopus Deployment”. Come and join us there!

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