GitOps – coming out


Today we are making a big coming out. We will tell you a slightly embarrassing secret. As you probably suspected we are source code fetishists. We love text. In every form. Algorithm, class, script, document, command. Code is not only our work material but we have almost religious approach to it. We are able to wage flame wars over whether to use space or tab for code indention, or weather to put the brace at the end of the line or at the beginning of the next line. We would love to have everything as text. Our most ideal word processor is notepad with LaTeX code. There is no better way to draw the C4 diagrams then to program it. No better presentation than Workflowy. (who would be so insane to use PowerPoint if you can show a presentation out of a bullet point! ;).

Being serous now, but being more or less in the same spirit, we join the GitOps revolution. Since “forever” we keep all our work artifacts (text) in repositories (for example Git). Now together with the docker revolution we go one step further. We are moving away from manual computer and server installation and configuration. Now we describe the environment that is needed for our software to run. The description is pure text that is also kept in the repository. This text is taken and interpreted by tools like ArgoCD and Kubernetes that are responsible for providing what we need. Now we declare in form of a text how our perfect world should look like and it does. Software developer fetish came true!

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