Farewell to KEWO and ExCalc


Since the beginning of CODEFUSION we devoted a small portion of our time to develop our own software products. We used these endeavors as a perfect opportunity to discover new technologies and to build up a second leg for our company that is focusing in agency type software development. Our own products lived sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

In September 2020 we are planning to decommission two of our products: KEWO and ExCalc. KEWO was a rather popular cloud-based tool to manage wastes produced in a company. The end of KEWO was sealed by the change of legislation in Poland that made all the companies that produce wastes to manage them in a stately found project named BDO. Because of that more than a year ago we started the process of decommissioning KEWO. We didn’t allow new subscribers and waited for current subscription to end. Now it is the time to finally shot down KEWO.

The story of ExCalc is different. ExCalc is a mobile leasing calculator that was created in a joint-venture with our German partner. It is still in production in German speaking market. We have tried to introduce it to the Polish market but we have failed (“marketing, stupid!”). We are putting ExCalc on a side track and taking it off the internet and app stores. Maybe it will come again under another incarnation!

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