Mobile Revolution


It is obvious that we live in the era of mobile revolution and we at CODEFUSION are gladly taking part in this revolution. We have developed applications for mobile devices (iOS on iPhone and iPad, Windows Mobile or Android) and are now developing a mobile finance application (B2C type – business to customer) for smartphones. We decided to create this application using HTML5 and we are very pleased with that decision. Now we don’t need to implement this application anew for every platform using different languages and technologies (iOS in Objective C, Android in Java, Windows Phone in C#, Symbian in C++). Now we are implementing everything using HTML5 and JavaScript (with help from jQuery, jQuery Mobile and Knockout libraries) on the client side and with JSON formatted Microsoft WCF on the server side. We are packaging the application using PhoneGap so it will look like a native application but work exactly the same on every platform (as for now we had to do one exception for client side PDF generation with jsPDF). We will inform you as soon we have this application on the all the mobile app stores out there!

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