CF insights part 1 – wireframing


Today we will shine a little light on the interworking of CODEFUSION. If you are not a software developer you probably riddled about what is so exciting in sitting in front of the computer the whole day long and wiring code. Well: it is “creating”. Despite appearances this “sitting around” is very, very creative. But it is not limited only to writing code. Sometimes we do something more eye-catching. Like for example wireframing. It is a process of creating a model for future application. It is a kind of mock-up of an application created in form of drawings. The drawings represent the application screens. Usually this model also contains the interactions between the screens. Such wireframe can be created using pen and paper, whiteboard and marker or with the help of specialized software. When the wireframe is ready it is a solid base for the discussion with the customer. Using this mock-up we can get feedback even before we get to programming. We are able to answer the common customer need ”show me what you’ve got and I will tell you what I need” . Using wireframe we get a feedback as good as by showing the first version of the application but the process that leads to this mock-up is incomparable cheaper!

Not long ago we went live with the second version of our Leasing Calculator – ExCalc. This version works at our partner’s in Germany and will soon be available all over the world. It extends the earlier B2C version with B2B flavors. So it is no longer an app only for the customers, but now for the dealers and leasing company staff too. While working on this version we had to dig up the wireframes for the B2C version and had the chance to compare the mock-up with the actual application. Beneath we are presenting a few screenshots showing the wireframe created using Microsoft Blend and images from the Android version of the ExCalc application. As you can see here and there we had to change something. But the general course of the development was set nicely using this wireframe project.

ExCalc Wireframe Sketchflow 1
ExCalc Wireframe Sketchflow 2
ExCalc Wireframe Sketchflow 3
ExCalc Wireframe Sketchflow 4
ExCalc Wireframe Sketchflow 5
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