CF Insights part 2 – Toolbox


CODEFUSION grows and with us grows our software engineering infrastructure. From the beginning we are faithful to Redmine. It is wonderful web based project management software that we use to gather the fundamental information’s about our endeavors. We are using it mainly to manage the development tickets, wiki sites and spent time recording. Although in some projects we use Microsoft TFS quite extensively. In one project we have the privilege to work in Jira/Confluence. All the tools are a must have in “sane” software development. The work needs to be tracked – there is no other way! We are using Subversion (SVN) as our main version control system but are slowly turning towards more distributed systems. We are using Git more and more. In some projects we (have to) use TFS Source Control. We have quite non-homogenic technology landscape and that’s why we are very happy with Jenkins as our build server. As for IDE (Integrated Development Environment) we are fans of Visual Studio although the developer machines are stuffed with tools fitted for given project, be it Eclipse, NetBeans or XCode (for iOS development). Our toolbox is very, very solid. We are prepared for any kind of software engineering work!

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