Last month we wrote about the software engineering tools we use. Those are the best tools you can find. But what are those tools without skilled engineer using it? In a matter of fact we have the best engineers our region has to offer. And it is a rather large region (at least our province). It may not be reasonable but let us disclose one of our competitive advantages: the competition on the work market is not very strong in Opole. There are very view companies working on the bleeding edge of technology like us. Our two Universities “produce” more than two hundred computer engineers in year. It is a large group, even if you account for two large neighboring workforce black holes like Wroclaw and Gliwice/Katowice. But there is a large group of excellent people that do not want to leave our region. We reach them and we hire them. We have a name on the OUTech and the young graduates are coming to ask for work even if we are not hiring at the moment. We know the situation in larger cities. We know how extremely difficult it is to find good people. We are not in that situation. We have the best people!

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